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Black Orchid Alcohol Free Perfumes

Time To Switch To Non Alcoholic Perfume Alternatives

With the increasing exposure to chemicals in our daily life, leading a healthy organic life is becoming challenging. Constant addition of not-so-safe ingredients has prevented people worldwide from leading a healthy organic life, despite our best efforts to convert our everyday lifestyle items into more organic options. We’ve learned to check the labels of our skincare products for alcohol content, perhaps as a result of the clean beauty movement, but should we also check the labels of our favourite fragrances? 

Many perfumes produced worldwide include an alcohol base with various chemically-based additives and scent essence. These perfumes may appear great and highly fragrant, but they can have drawbacks. So, what makes them a safer alternative?

Best Example of Alcohol-Free Fragrances & How to Use it:


Termed as “Attar” or “Ittar”, these alternatives are non alcoholic perfume oils that are majorly categorised between two variants, namely summer attar perfume & winter attar. Despite the widespread popularity of floral scents, woody, musk, amber, etc., these natural oil-based scents must be chosen based on skin type.  

Why Are Non Alcoholic Perfumes Safer Than Other Perfumes?

First, a clarification: alcohol is not always bad, but there’s a reason it’s more avoided when it comes to beauty products. Too much alcohol in any skincare product can cause skin dryness and harm our skin barrier, especially for those with sensitive skin. Find out by reading on. 

During the formulations, the perfume oils are usually mixed with alcohol to make the fragrance strong and long retaining, but non-alcohol perfumes offer a completely different effect. Considered slightly different from usual alcohol based perfumes, Non alcoholic perfumes are directly formulated from essential oils that make them a better choice. 

In fact, there are some distinct advantages of using non-alcoholic fragrances, which you should take a quick look at.

Perks of using Non Alcoholic Attar or Perfumes

There are certain perks of using alcohol free perfumes. Before you buy your bait take a look at its benefits:

  • Long-Lasting

Lack of alcohol gives the perfumes a consistent fragrance and eliminates the risk of evaporation. This gives the fragranced effect a long time and makes them last up to 10 hours at times.

  • Safe To Use On Direct Skin

Made of natural extracts, these perfumes do not leave sticky/ gooey residue on the skin. Even for the sensitive underarms, using these bi-carb and alcohol free perfumes will keep causing no irritation to the skin.

  • Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Without any risk of skin irritation, non alcoholic perfumes are usually formulated from pure essential oils, making them gentle for sensitive skin as those concerned about skin infections and allergies can always rely on them.

  • Effects On Natural Perspiration

These perfumes do not stop natural perspiration; hence sweat glands are not affected by these products, which are health friendly. Alongside, it neutralises the body odour by a natural process of smell demolition. As it does not interfere with the natural detoxification of the body via sweating, thus preventing the formation of underarm bacteria, etc.

  • Portable 

Most of these fragrances are packed in miniature bottles, making them easy to carry.

  • Prolonged Shelf Life

These non alcoholic fragrances offer longer shelf life, although you need to store them with special care.

  • Non-Inflammable 

With no alcohol content, these perfumes are non-inflammable and safe to use in any condition.

Key Takeaway: 

So, regardless of whether you have sensitive skin or regular skin, alcohol-free fragrances are safe items that may be used by everyone who wears the fragrance. These fragrances are all-natural, aluminium-free products with no toxic side effects on the skin or the environment.

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Happy Shopping! 

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