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Perks Of Applying Attar

From wrists to food, fountains to homes and mere indulgence to aromatherapy, welcome to the ancient roots of perfumery where the scent is present in its purest form. 

Crushing and botanically infusing from fragrant ingredients, Attar (also known as Ittar) is a trendy saturated oil-based perfume from plant sources. A tedious process is followed to properly extract the scent, essential oil scent, or Attar from a botanical plant. In most cases, the compound is subjected to steam or hydrodistillation. Before being pronounced as Attar, this process takes a long period for the perfume oil to mature, ranging between 10 and 12 years. The secret lies behind this ageing process: perfumers let the compound age after being distilled in a wood base, such as sandalwood. This helps them yield signature, pleasant and aromatic perfume oil.

It has been used as a scent for centuries and has long been popular in certain Middle Eastern and South Asian nations. Countries like India and its rich fragrance-obsessed culture have taken it far to establish their very own hub of Attar manufacturing – the ancient city of Kannauj. The ancient city of Kannauj, known as the perfume capital of India for centuries, has been crafting oil-based botanical perfumes called attar using time-tested distillation methods.

Be it the trend of returning to the ancient roots, people are beginning to notice the tremendous advantages of attar, and its use has resurfaced. Here are five reasons why you should switch to using attar.

Lasting Effect

There are tons of benefits to applying perfume oil. In addition to being eco-friendly and alcohol free attars can last long. Just a few dabs of attar can last the entire day. But, have you ever wondered what the science behind attar’s lasting effect is?

Traditionally, the artisans use sandalwood oil, making them unctuous and highly absorbent. The scent starts altering during the fading stage once the attar reacts differently to heat and sweat while providing a long-lasting effect. This is why even a droplet lingers pleasantly on the skin, sometimes for days. Regarding long-term shelf lines, Attar benefits till great extend, if you don’t need to reapply every few hours like other fragrances. This makes the attar worth its money because even a little bottle can last for half a year. 

Fascinating Fragrance

Attar has magic that can enchant you like no other scent can. The aroma straight from nature offers a sensation of rejuvenation that attars can efficiently capture. The pleasant scent of perfume oils benefits in healing strain as a stress reliever; it is an excellent choice for a daily treat. Packed with pure bliss, just one whiff from an attar is enough to transport you to a magical world. Whether you have a taste for floral tones or more exotic aromas, every little bottle is filled with a mesmerizing scent. With the fragrances being so good, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Medicinal Properties

Besides the multiple mood-enhancing properties, the natural attar is also laden with therapeutic properties and health benefits, including relieving body pain, relaxing the senses, and treating ailments such as cough, cold and dizziness. For instance, Agarwood attar is widely used for health benefits as it holds immense therapeutic properties like antiseptic, anti-bacterial, carminative and many others. This soothing perfume oil is believed to be a potent cure for respiratory and nervous system troubles, spasms, nausea, fevers, pain, and many others.

Key Takeaway

Be a part of the decades-long legacy of Indian Attar that have garnered fame around the arena due to their being produced using the same technique invented in the 400th century. Although it’s an aggressive marketplace with less expensive synthetic alternatives, Attars have conserved the aroma stemming from the earth.  

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