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Oudh – Golden Elixir Of The Fragrance Industry

The allure of Oudh, a centuries-old ingredient, has permeated shelves, stores, and the aromatic notes of cosmetic businesses all over the world. The combination of mysterious components, it enjoys its own moment in the limelight, from classics to modern forays. But what puts it on the top of the list? And where is it going? 

Scroll down to know more about this liquid gold of Arabian fragrances. 

What is Oudh? 

Oudh has a rich musky aroma with a warm sweetness blended with woody and balsamic notes; it it has been increasingly popularized in recent years but used in India for millennia. In the Middle East, men and women dab a few drops of Oudh directly on their skin and hair to stay fragrant all day. 

The most cherished and long-lasting fragrance in particularly Middle Eastern countries, Oudh or Oud, has gained global recognition as the $5,000-a-pound wood scent. It is both aromatic and appealing, eliciting warm, smokey tones with hints of wet wood. Despite being subtly combined with floral and fruit notes, the dominating aroma of the final product always retains its musky nature, further proving the strong essence of the woody ingredient. For application, the wood chips from the Agarwood tree are traditionally burned as incense for ceremonies and celebrations. 

Why So Scarce? 

Extracted from the resinous heartwood of the Agar tree, this essential oil was conventionally either produced by distillation from the wood or by melting the resin. Because of the better richness of the resin’s scent, seasoned perfumers seek these older trees. Sad to say, a large number of these elder trees are currently regarded as vulnerable species. Since the production of the resin is only formed by the development of the mould (aka parasitic fungus), only 2% of these trees generate it. Besides this tedious process, the Oudh takes about 30 years to form in the Agar tree itself. This makes the Oudh perfume the most expensive product available for essential oils.

But, What Makes It So Special (Rather Expensive)? 

There is a valid reason why it is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold.” If you think it is because of the opulent feel that comes with the fragrance — then we are sorry, but you are wrong. It can be one fraction, whereas the complete credit goes to the fact that its price is estimated to be worth one-and-a-half times that of gold. 

The annual Oud market generates approximately $6 Billion, costing $5,000 per pound. Another reason why it is credited as one of the most costly perfume components in the world as the ingredient itself is very rare to find, be it in resin form or chips. Due to the difficulty of harvesting, rarity and high demand, this is easily one of the most expensive oils in the world, commonly known as liquid gold. 

The De-Facto Factor 

Oudh’s complex and delicate aroma is a valuable, uncommon, and fascinating natural gift. However, this authentic fragrance is made up of diverse elements and is a scarce commodity to find; hence it is easy to mimic. As a result, the elevated value due to limited original supply is why so many fake alternatives are available in the market. In the trend to explore this new woody/ leathery palette of the niche target, many perfume companies are trying to come close or use the term as a marketing gimmick. But to call it Oudh, these manufacturers need to start using the actual Oudh. 

Other Benefits 

Keep All Types Of Skin Problems At Bay 

Did you know that the melted resin of Oudh can also be applied to the skin? 

Warding off not just the negativity, Oudh is ladened with anti-ageing + anti-inflammatory properties and can get rid of skin conditions, including redness, swelling, irritation or even puffiness. 

Healing Superpowers 

Agarwood oil is useful as an anti-bacterial against streptococcus and staphylococcus. Because of its high fatty acid concentration, it has potent anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial 

capabilities—this aids in controlling sebum production and provides excellent protection from infection-causing bacteria. 

Add Oud Oil To You Bathing Regime

In ancient times, the aromatic plants of Agarwood and its fragrant essential oil were used in fumigation baths to relax the body and prevent diseases. 

● Serenity Of Spirit & Therapeutic Potion For Body In the modern world, Oudh finds its place in therapeutic practices and is hailed for its pharmacological features like anti-oxidation, bacteriostasis, calming, and nerve calming. It is used in aromatherapies as an adjunct therapy to treat chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other neurological diseases. simultaneously

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