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How To Pick A Perfume That Suits Your Personality?

Did You Know that people create a mental image of your personality traits by how you smell? 

Whether you’re doing a date night or working in the office, perfume gives them a certain aura about your charisma, sense of humour, or intelligence. Based on their interpretations, people will share their comforts and feel free to hang around with you.

Finding a fragrance that suits your personality can be a daunting experience. While buying a perfume, the only information you can garner is the brand and appearance of the bottle. Often, the salesperson will let you sniff a few selections from the hundreds of available options, which is not really of that much help.

Here are a couple of easy tips from fragrance experts to help you find the perfect scent that makes your personality traits & gives you a sense of confidence.

Do Some Research

First & foremost, it’s important to research different brands, scents, and their formulations. For instance, if you like spicy or woody fragrances, try to put them on yourself for a week or two. If people around give you compliments on your preference, that scent might be your signature style. 

Also, it is important to select something that makes you feel comfortable & good about yourself. 

Learn More About Your Skin Type

It’s incredibly imperative to first identify your skin type before testing some perfumes on yourself. If you have sensitive skin, a strong formulation might cause rashes or irritation on your body. Hence, it is advisable to apply something light and soothing. 

On the other hand, for dry skin types, people can choose musky or aromatic notes to stay all day long for the fragrance. 

Pay Attention To Perfume Notes

There are three perfume notes: top, heart, and base. The top note evaporates quickly but gives a flowery and sweet smell. Likewise, the heart note stays for an hour or two and is mainly carried by people who have frequent official meetings. It helps them look fresh and active.

The base note supports the heart note and stays for a longer time. Usually, athletes or on-field professionals should wear this note to feel confident and fresh. 

Select The Right Concentration

Perfumes are available at different concentration levels. For instance, high-concentration scents are strong and long-lasting. Usually, it is preferred by an individual who possesses strong personality traits. It is simply called ‘parfum’.

A medium-concentrated perfume is mild and lasts for six hours. Mostly, it is preferred by extroverts and outgoing personalities. It is known as ‘Eau de parfum’.

The lowest concentrated perfume lasts for three to four hours. It is chosen by teenagers or people who carry them on special occasions. It is known as Eau de toilette.

To Conclude:

Indeed, a perfect scent can define your personality and truly become an extension of yourself. It takes patience and the right approach to pick the best perfumes that suit your style!

So now that you know how to choose a perfume that suits your personality, you can visit our page and browse through different products till you find your best. For more information, kindly contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


Afaque Ilyas khan

I love flora, refreshing and not heavy perfume plz suggest

August 16, 2022

dear you can try our retina range of perfume oils. also Emirati editions perfumes are the best.

October 29, 2022
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