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Oudh – Golden Elixir Of The Fragrance Industry

The allure of Oudh, a centuries-old ingredient, has permeated shelves, stores, and the aromatic notes of cosmetic businesses all over the world. The combination of mysterious components, it enjoys its own moment in the limelight, from classics to modern forays. But what puts it on the top of the list? And where is it going?  […]

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Black Orchid Alcohol Free Perfumes

Time To Switch To Non Alcoholic Perfume Alternatives

With the increasing exposure to chemicals in our daily life, leading a healthy organic life is becoming challenging. Constant addition of not-so-safe ingredients has prevented people worldwide from leading a healthy organic life, despite our best efforts to convert our everyday lifestyle items into more organic options. We’ve learned to check the labels of our […]

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Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette

Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette | Decoding the Difference

Explore the different fragrance types and why some are long-lasting and perform better. A feel-good perfume is very much on everyone’s minds as a pleasant fragrance can ease you out on a stressful day, can’t it? The incredible power of our olfaction – a sense of smell that eases us even on the greyest days- […]

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Attar Guide

Here’s how to apply Perfume Oils & Attar the right way

The Attar is a perfume variant that provides an overpowering experience. As the name suggests, smelling it instantly transports you to a flower valley. You might think that perfumes and attars are the same because they are both fragrances, but they are very different.  Attar is a pure perfume oil derived from botanical sources, primarily […]

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How To Pick A Perfume That Suits Your Personality?

Did You Know that people create a mental image of your personality traits by how you smell?  Whether you’re doing a date night or working in the office, perfume gives them a certain aura about your charisma, sense of humour, or intelligence. Based on their interpretations, people will share their comforts and feel free to […]

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