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Debunking 3 Common Myths Related To Perfumes

Perfumes are one of the most intricate and misunderstood grooming items. Considered the most complex and misunderstood grooming essential, aromas can seem quite deceiving and perplexing, thus being shamed when they don’t last. Most users don’t get desired results and blame the product when it doesn’t last or provide the expected results.  

Even those who like perfume and collect bottles of rare smells worldwide are susceptible to myths and misconceptions about them.

It’s time to refute these long-standing beliefs and learn how to apply perfume correctly. After all, a simple spray of a beautiful scent may completely transform your personality.

In this 4 mins read, we are rounding up the most common factors associated with fragrance and determining whether they’re true or not!

Kill The Chill 

Common Belief:

Storing your perfume, scent and other fragrances in the fridge will make it last longer. Several sites advise keeping your perfume in the refrigerator, as storing it in a dark, humidity-free, cold space can extend the product’s shelf life.


Storing the fragrances in chilly places keeps them fresh while preserving their scent and quality. However, even though using the fridge as perfume storage does meet the three needed conditions, it ignores the most important criteria of the course – which is affecting their delicate balance. Excessively high or low ambient temperatures can harm the perfume if it leaves less volatile notes behind while completely changing its smell. A fridge is an icy place for perfumes that will freeze and put the scent in a preserved state. But, the moment it is taken out of the chilly ambient, the temperature shock can, in turn, damage the fragrance.

No Expiration Date

Common Belief:

Everyone has a perfume that they have either forgotten or is still sitting on their dresser for decades, due to the conception that fragrances do not have an expiry date.


Even if you don’t find an expiration date printed on the label, perfume oils, scents, and deodorants do expire, emitting a not so pleasant fragrance. On an average, the perfumes can last for around 3-5 years in any normal condition. Unlike other grooming products, there’s no standardised expiry date but if you notice a change in the liquid shade or notes are smelling a little sour, then it might be time to part with your beloved.

Being sensitive to light, humidity, and heat, over the years, they can be compromised. The life of your fragrance will depend on how well you store it. So, if you want to increase the life of your favorite perfume, then better show them some love and care by storing it away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. 

Mixing Multiple Fragrances

Common Belief:

Most folks prefer wearing only one fragrance at a time, feeling that blending multiple fragrances can be too much to handle. So, do the aromas blend well or overshadow each other? 


There is no such thing as too much perfume. The truth is – if no one had layered and blended the perfumes, how would the art of perfumery have been innovated in the first place? 

The main fear that ingrained in the users is that blending two distinct perfumes can jeopardize their olfactory experience or cancel out both the scents in the process. However, experimenting with numerous smells simultaneously is totally safe as it gives you a genuine, unique and more customized signature fragrance that you can call your own. In fact, many perfumers encourage their consumers to layer the perfumes as it helps us discover new and more complex scents. So, keep exploring!

Are you guilty of following any of these myths and misconceptions? Comment below to tell us which of these facts left you awe-strucked. 

We’re set on a mission to debunk the most famous perfume myths ever. So, let us know your valuable feedback on this section and if you want us to continue with these myth-buster sections. 

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