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4 Expert Tips To Find Your Signature Perfume

Are you stumped on how to pick a perfume that is made for you? Then, this article exists just for you.

Choosing a new scent is difficult, but finding “the one” might be much more difficult. You are one of the few who discovered your signature smell when you first began studying the world of perfumery, or maybe you are one of many who are still combing the fragrance halls of every department shop, becoming increasingly confused about what you indeed prefer.

A trademark smell is a fragrance that genuinely characterizes you; it expresses exactly what you want it to express about yourself. You need to get more of the EDP perfume, and while you may dabble in a different fragrance when the seasons change or your style evolves, you find yourself returning to this scent repeatedly- it never gets old.

Scent mix, perfume layering, scent cocktailing – whatever you name it, the skill of combining two or more fragrances is a time-honoured method that has been used for centuries. To others, your perfume is a subliminal method for them to remember and perceive you. It may play a role in selecting the sort of day you want to have and the vibe you want to establish. Your trademark perfume is unmistakably yours, regardless of who it’s for. 

As the experts and perfumers are still trying to figure out the marvels of olfactory, we are going to unfold the ways to create that magic without saturating yourself in heaps of perfume. Thus, we chatted with our perfume professionals and asked for their suggestions on applying fragrances to produce a genuinely distinct aroma because no one wants someone else to get a whiff of their “signature” aroma. So, let’s get into it right away. 

Step 1 – Take It Easy

Selecting (and sticking to) a trademark smell may be as frightening as finding (and sticking to) your unique outfit. So, do not hurry yourself as Patience Here Is The Key To Perfection. Start by sampling your perfumes before making the purchase. With perfume oils you can‌ buy the tiny bottles and check if the scent suits your taste before going for its EDP versions or rushing to buy the big bottles. Unless you’re certain you’ve met your equal, keep dabbing a little on your wrist and checking for yourself if it will give you the desired pick. And please, don’t go to the stores, spritzing on every single bottle on display. It will give you a terrible headache.

Step 2 – Discover Your Favourite Family

Every fragrance belongs to a specific family; if you enjoy fresh flowers, you’ll be drawn to floral aromas; if sweet perfumes are more your style, citrus scents make more sense. There may be some family overlap, which is where understanding your perfume’s notes is helpful. The key ‌to selecting the correct scent is understanding your type. There are several types, including floral, aromatic, woody and gourmet, and fresh. However, fresh, floral, oriental, and woody are the primary note mixes for the scents. 

Under these sections: 

  • fruity and zesty perfumes represent the fresh smells 
  • floral perfumes, as the name implies, include flowery odors
  • oriental perfumes provide a more sumptuous experience, ranging from flowery to woody aromas
  • woody smells provide a warm and enticing influence

For instance, if you prefer more manly woody aromas, then musk or sandalwood notes are for you. 

Step 3 – Choose Your Concentration Carefully

Ever wondered why there are so many variations in fragrances- be it EDP, EDT, or EDC? That indicates how potent the fragrance is. The stronger the perfume and the longer the fragrance lasts, the higher the concentration. The highest concentration is perfume or parfum, when a bit lasts all day. Then there’s eau de parfum, which lasts six to seven hours after spritzing. Then there’s eau de toilette, which is a less concentrated mix that should be reapplied at least twice between uses. Eau de cologne has the lowest concentration and lasts just 2 to 3 hours.

Step 4 – Keep Switching From Time-To-Time

Changing your wardrobe throughout the year does not imply that you have lost your unique aroma. It might be prudent to put down the rose-scented diffuser. It’s essential to switch up your scents when the seasons change since weather affects fragrance as your body chemistry changes, causing various notes to affect the body in different ways. For example, because of the heat, scent notes evaporate faster from the skin in the summer, so a softer, fresh smell is preferable over a strong one that would overpower.

No matter where you are in your perfume journey, it is never too late to locate the star of the show. So, never stop exploring and do share your experience with us in the comments section.

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